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Mastering Blockchain: Advanced Guide, Book 2 , ...
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Bitcoin Is blockchain! While some people think that bitcoin is the main focus, blockchain is bitcoin´s legacy. Blockchain is the technology behind bitcoin, the revolutionary virtual currency that´s changing the way of people do business. Why would you listen to this audiobook? Well, here is your answer: Technology giants such as Intel, Microsoft, Cisco Systems, and Dell are already invested in learning about blockchain. The world largest banks and financial institutions have already created their own cryptocurrency, using blockchain technology. Fin-Tech Companies realized that Smart contracts are changing the world of doing business, using blockchain platform. Literally, there are thousands of new start-ups investing everyday into blockchain, adopting to the technology of the future! Why all the hype? - Let me give you a hint: A single banking system can save between 8-15 billion dollars per year using blockchain, terminating trusted third party services, and replacing them with mathematical algorithms and digital signatures. Faster and cheaper payment transactions, in fact employee payments can be done not daily, but every second. Better data security by eliminating single point of failure. 100% availability, using a fully de-centralized peer-to-peer network, data will always be available. Blockchain will revolutionize a wide variety of businesses. Blockchain technology is influencing the future of doing business - therefore instead of falling behind, take advantage now and learn how to master blockchain today! Communication will affect: Person to Person Business to Business - B2B Machine to Machine - M2M This audiobook has lots of in depth information that will help you to understand the blockchain technology. 1. Language: English. Narrator: Matthew Broadhead. Audio sample: Digital audiobook in aax.

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